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Watercolour Products

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Masking Fluid offers the artists the ability to preserve unpainted layers.

Masking fluid is a liquid latex-based product that is very effective at keeping small areas and thin lines white when painting on watercolour paper. The rubber prevents the paint from reaching the paper and is peeled off to expose the white paper left untouched. Masking fluids come in different tints so you can see where you have painted it. The places that masking are most useful are small white areas or lines within a large even wash of colour, like sailboat rigging against the sky, where you don’t want to paint around areas and interrupt a smooth wash.

frisk blue

Artcoe Masking Fluid

Artcoe Blue Mask is lightly tinted so you can see where it is on the paper. It is ideal to cover up areas you want to leave blank or come back to, and can be rubbed or peeled off using a putty eraser or your finger tips..

Atcoe White Mask is a pure white colour. It works in the same way as the blue.

Masking fluid is a liquid latex specially formulated to protect aeas of paper where you don't want paint to go!


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