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Brusho really is a one-of-a-kind, unique painting medium! The colours are a transparent, highly-pigmented water-colour ink that comes packed in small drums which contain the dry, crystalline powder. Available in an extensive range of exciting colurs, they mix instantly with cold water to produce a painting medium that is renowned for its versatility. Brusho allows you to create visually stunning, expressive artwork with the minimum of fuss.

With Brusho you will have an infinite palette at your disposal! The colours are fully intermixable, so you are able to produce a variety of hues, tints and shades either by mixing, diluting or otherwise altering the concentration of the paint. Colours can also be altered and manipulated by layering additional washes of colour over your original work to create interesting effects. Brusho also offers a good degree of lightfastness, and is completely non-toxic.

The medium itself is highly-unpredictable and very fun to paint with! It lends itself well to a loose, expressive style and is much easier and faster to learn than traditional watercolour painting. Once the Brusho is applied, you really have no choice other than to let the paint do the work! Traditional watercolour painting can be stressful at times; there are lots of opportunities for the painting to go wrong. Using Brusho is stress-free as there are really no errors to be made! Once the Brusho has been applied to your painting surface it will move organically to form interesting and unique washes of colour; you can sit back and watch the magic unfold! Brusho is unique in the sense that many of the effects you can achieve by using it cannot be replicated with any other media! It can be used for a whole variety of artistic applications, from staining wood and card, creating fabric wall-hangings to making watercolour designs. If you are using Brusho to stain cloth it is worth noting that the colours are not fixable on fabric.

Brusho is a great medium for those already familiar with watercolours. Even if you are new to art and are looking for a very forgiving method of painting loose, expressive artwork, then Brusho could be right up your street! Even after many years of using Brusho, there are always new discoveries to be made with this highly interesting product!

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